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We understand COVID-19 has caused a great deal of financial hardships for people across demographics. While 17 million people have filed for unemployment, students remain unsupported and held to high expectations. We hope to enable you to maintain some level of normalcy through eating better, taking responsibility for healthy decision making and financially planning for the future by budgeting

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With the UniPantry App, you'll be able to budget your meals, plan times to cook, learn new recipes, track your ingredients, buy groceries, and track your progress! Check out our features below:

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Saving money starts one purchase at a time. Sharpen your budgeting skills by saving up to $8 for every meal cooked at home instead of ordering for delivery. See the dollars pile up through UniPantry Savings

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Use calendar integrations to quickly find the perfect time during your busy schedule to cook our tasty recipes

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At home is the perfect time to start learning a new skill. Our simple, delicious meals are achievable for every young adult regardless of cooking experience and equipment

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Don’t let the food in your fridge go to waste. Minimize food waste by cooking recipes that use those ingredients you already have

Organize your groceries

Seamlessly create grocery lists and find local retailers to purchase those missing ingredients in store or through delivery

Connect with Friends

Building healthy habits is easier with a strong support system. Use the Progress page to join a community for setting physical, mental and nutrition goals with friends

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This is the perfect time to learn how to cook the top 10 student-meals ordered off Grubhub at home!

Broccoli Mac and Cheese

20 min

$15.31 total, $10 saved



1/2 C. Brocolli

1TBS Dijon Mustard

1/4 C. Milk

1C. Cheedar Cheese

1C. Elbow Pasta


1. Chop Broccoli to desired sizes.

2. Boil 3C. of water in high heat.

3. Add elbow pasta.

4. Drain the pasta.

5. In medium heat, add milk and melt cheese.

6. Add broccoli.

7. Add elbow pasta.

Broccoli Mac and Cheese
Spinach Quesadilla
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Alfredo
Beef Stir Fry
Avocado Toast
Steak and Mashed potatoes
Chicken Fried Rice

About Us

As a group of undergraduate students, we experienced the struggle of finding ways to eat foods we like and succeed academically in a new place. We create customized solutions that encourage students to make affordable and convenient choices that empower themselves.

UniPantry believes every student should be able to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle, their way. We begin with food: the first choice that can help adjust to the new environment of college campuses.
By connecting students to the resource they need to eat well, we can empower students to make choices that allow them to thrive on campus and into adulthood. Universities cannot accommodate everyone's diets but Smart Pantry can. Eat your way with UniPantry. Cook your favorite recipes with your friends.

Find your way with UniPantry:
  • Master realistic recipes and cooking skills with our 100 recipes
  • Receive meal reminders about what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Find times to cook throughout the week Find local retailers, fulfill grocery delivery and create grocery list with one app
  • Track your monthly savings
  • Join a diverse student community with mutual interest in eating well, living well and favorite home-made recipes
1. Find financial resources and local grocery stores to support you now
2. Make the most of your schedule, finding the perfect times to eat throughout the day
3. Save money $8 on average for every meal you cook at home instead of ordering out

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